Pherigo: The Strongest, Beardiest Man Alive!!!

25 Feb

Like a mighty viking sailing on a magical gust of wind, Pherigo landed his sturdy vessel, (the one his Grandmother loaned him), on the yard of a legendary yet normal haunted mansion from days of yore.   Appearing  as quickly as he left, Pherigo plowed and plunged his mighty boots through the dry Texas dirt.  The circus crew was stunned as they sipped beverages made from fire and puffed green cigars on the crooked although stable front porch.  I thought to my self, “Didn’t Pherigo leave yesterday?  How can he be back so soon?” Pherigo is a man whose presence is fierce and strong.  He towers above me and most of the circus performers.  The Tall Man and Gertrude are the only ones who seem to look down at him.  While sailing and  floating on highways made of salt water, Pherigo grew a monstrous entanglement of facial whiskers that encompassed his face similarly to a masquerade disguise.  I must admit, I hardly recognized him through the giant beard!  The circus welcomed him with warm hugs and hand shakes.  He is like family.  His welcome-back party consisted of brisket on the smoker cooked just Wright… right I mean.  Rather than fire works, we exploded cans of green beans and such.  It’s Pherigo’s style to arrive with a big boom, boisterous laughter and detailed yarns from his travels.  His former role in the circus was a samurai’s intern.  But, Pherigo and I shared many stories and beers only to arrive at the conclusion that he must now be the Strong Man.  He has the stature and the muscles to impress a crowd. The crazy beard will be an extra anomaly to add to the Strong Man’s feats.  We also decided that he would wear a pin stripe suite while wowing audiences with his manly muscles.  Welcome back Pherigo!  May your arrival and stay with the circus be bright and strong!  Love, your friend, Mavis Rose Sinclair

Chiffon The Magnificent!!!

18 May

A teacher once said to me… “Life is ephemeral, transient and temporary.” I was only 17 when she said it so I did not quite understand the gravity of those words. But as time has passed, people started to disappear and I realized how fragile life is. This story is dedicated to a very good friend who made a very big impression on many people and will never be forgotten.

It had been a long busy day at the circus. Even though the weather had been strange, the shows were magnificent. The sky was miserably cloudy and the wind gusted the tents, but all of the circus performers put on their best shows. Edie Mae danced her wildest fiercest dance and made tips galore! My show with Gertrude was fabulous and the crowd went wild! Overall, it was a very successful day at the circus. At the end of the day, we were all tuckered out and decided to build a big bonfire to sit around. It was spectacular!!! The fire was crackling and dancing in the moonlight and most of the circus family was gathered around gabbing about the day’s events. The Siamese Twins, Edie Mae, Beatrice Elmore, Old Man Gdansk and several others were warm and cozy chatting.  When all of a sudden they were interrupted by a clang and clatter of noise from a distance.  It kept getting louder and louder.  Finally, they realized that it was a beat up old jalopy car scooting up to their fireside.

Boom! Bang! Clang! The car backfired and sputtered to a stop.  Everyone was still.  Who was in this car?  It was an old beat up car.  One of the windows was merely a plastic trash bag.  The paint was peeling off the doors and through the back window I could see piles of junk.  A few minutes passed.  We waited.  Who would get out of this horrendous car?  The front door swung open with a creaking smack!  We were all surprised to see such a well dressed man, because a pressed and tailored appearance did not mirror the shabbiness of his transportation. And… we cannot forget to mention his smile.  What a beautiful, beaming and contagious smile!

At the circus we are always open to helping people passing through.  He said he was traveling, having some car trouble and in need of a place to stay and maybe some work.  His name was Michael and he was from Alabama.  We asked him if he had any special skills or if he had ever wanted to be in the circus and he got really excited!!!  He had been trained as a fashion designer, he loved high heels and he had always wanted to juggle.  I thought for a bit.  What could a fashion designer juggle?  What if he juggled scissors and high heels?!?!  We decided that that would be the perfect circus job for him!  And because chiffon was his favorite fabric, his circus name would be “Chiffon the Magnificent”.  He loved it!

Chiffon the Magnificent practiced juggling scissors and stilettos day and night!  A pro and a big hit, the crowds went wild!  Chiffon was immediately loved by the whole circus.  He became an instant family member.  We all loved our new friend.  It seems that he left as soon as he arrived.  We all feel he left too soon.  I’m just glad “Chiffon the Magnificent” got to be part of our circus!!!  —-Right Edie Mae?

We will always love you Michael!!!

We All Love Our New Panties!!!

4 Dec

The panty give-a-way was a hit! I have never seen so many people lining up for a pair of panties in my life. It was a dream come true. The best part was watching a grown man shriek like a little girl who just got a pony when he received a pair of sequined scivvies.
The icing on the cake was the carnies prancing around with bloomers on their heads. It truly was a sight. (People get very creative when there are large amounts of panties involved). I saw little girls using panties as purses, little boys pretending to be superman with panties over their shorts and an old lady using her pair as a hanky. It was delightful! I am soooooo glad I could share the bountiful joys of undies with the crowd. And my plan worked! We had record sales that night. Edie Mae made amazing tips dancing in her new panties and tassels too! I think I might do this again. It was like Panty Thanksgiving. I provided a cornucopia of panties and the crowd feasted on ruffles, sequins and lace. Thanks everyone for your support! It was a blast! Love, Mavis

Attencion! Panty Smorgasboard Satiates Your Growling Belly

28 Nov

Where have I been? I don’t know. The circus, of late, has been infringed upon by the grumpy economy. Slowly, but surely, folks have delved deep into their pockets to return to revisit the wonders of Mavis Rose’s Circus. The panties are cheap! Come out and see lacy, tight and tantalizing splendor of panties galore! I’ve got sequins, ruffles and a delicatessen of delicious colors ready to satiate your panty lusting desires. It seems that scanty drawers are an enticement during economical declines. Everyone loves panties, right? But to all the booty-dazzling people out there… I have had many circus patrons proudly admit that they prefer to leave their scivvies at home. Lo and behold, my dear friend Dolly is a proud supporter of “the commando” ethos. However, since most folks prefer to coat their sumptuous asses in luscious decor, the circus’ life has, once more, begun to regain the popularity it so deserves. To boot: if you would like to see Mavis’ Circus survive, please visit to receive a complementary pair of panties of your picking with purchase of a ticket. Thanks so much for reading! Our circus family thanks you! P.S. Wedgies, wading and thong-string revealing strongly discouraged. Bloomer peek-a-boos, panties-as-a-hat and g-string slingshots strongly suggested!

Everything… I mean Everything Happens for a Reason!!

29 Aug

Now most of you know…. I love some whiskey. Are you sure you knew that? Well…. I’ve told you before. I must admit that it is one of life’s little indulgences for me. I know. I’m not supposed to end a sentence with a pronoun. But you know what I have to say about that? Fuck it!!! Why not? Tonight, I hobbled down to a local bar alone. It’s a busy night because it’s Saturday. I went to my favorite bar, ordered two shots of whiskey and slammed ’em down like a pro.
Then, you know what happened? My friend bought me two more. Before I knew it, I had ingested six shots of good ole fashioned whiskey. It reminds me of the good ole days when I was in my twenties. Man!!! I could hold my liquor like a fish! Now that I’m over one hundred years old, I must admit that I’ve become somewhat of a light weight. Anyway, another strange thing happened to me. I was on my way to the bar. I looked down and saw a piece of paper. It was a card for a circus show from six months ago!!! My show!!! What are the odds of that? I could have been on any street tonight any day. But I chose to walk down the street where my card was. Is that a sign or what? I’m gonna ask you guys (my readers), what do you think this means? I guess I’ll find out eventually. Until then, I love you! All of my readers. You are awesome! Good night, Mavis Rose

X-Marks-the-Spot at the Top of a Tree

25 Aug

I was walking out in the woods one day last January and saw a mossy rock. I bent down to pick it up. Under it was a map. I followed the lines to the “x-marks-the-spot”. The X was under a grand old Oak tree. I wondered if I should dig or climb? My intuition told me to climb. So, I climbed way up high all the way to the top. You know what I found? Something very special. As you know, I’m not supposed to climb trees because of my leg. But… it was totally worth the effort! I’m glad I followed that map. 😉
-The end, Mavis Rose Sinclair

Winding Roads and Hissing Roaches

23 Aug

You will not believe this story. Yesterday, I went to an old friend’s house for a party. When I got there, all my friends from years ago were lounging around drinking and talking. The apartment belongs to my friend, Andrew. It was a strange place nestled in the countryside. I don’t even know how I really got there. Anyway, I was sitting on the couch next to Andrew, when all of the sudden a giant hissing roach crept out of the cushions! I screamed and jumped off the couch. The hissing roach pounced onto Andrew’s shoulder and crawled down his shirt. Surprisingly, he was rather calm about the situation. The damn bug was at least 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. It would curl up it’s back till it was standing on it’s hind legs and hiss at you. It looked me in the eye for goodness sake!!! I couldn’t stand the thought of staying there. The hissing roach was no where to be found after Andrew flung it across the room. I was scared to death. To avoid the creepy critter, I fled the apartment in disgust. For some reason, I decided to jog. I looked down and my wooden leg was missing. There was a lovely fleshy leg in its place!!! I began to jog. Usually, I have no endurance for running. And of course, my leg prevents me from doing so. However, I felt free as a bird that day! I ran and ran and ran up and down dirt roads winding through beautiful countryside. It was exhilarating!!! I had run for about an hour. I began to realize that I had no idea where I was. Oh, shit! How would I find my way back? Then, I woke up. I looked under the covers at my leg. It was still made of wood. -The End, Mavis

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9 Aug

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Freaky Misconception

1 Aug

Hey folks! Mavis speaking. It’s time to clear up rumors and disprove a myth about the circus. Over the years, people have moaned and groaned about the awful treatment of performers who “are different”, have disabilities or outrageous anomalies. Are freak shows wrong? My answer is hell no. Why?
Many of these folks are social outcasts. When in public they are gawked at, pointed at and run away from in fear or disgust, (to name a few). It is often difficult for legless, armless, oddly bearded, overtly short, massively tall, morbidly obese, geographically tattooed persons to gain legitimate employment. They are no doubt discriminated against. Admit it. If you were to encounter an over seven foot woman or man in a public setting, you would be so inclined to look and take a few double takes. Imagine how difficult it would be for them to find a lover!
Those things said, I don’t believe that freak shows should be banned from the circus. If they have been, it’s odd for people to think that modern-day societal freak shows are nonexistent. For instance: talk shows (i.e. Jerry Springer). And what, per say, do you consider reality T.V.? Nonetheless, this article is intended to open the public eye to the importance of circus freak shows.
Would freaks have jobs if not employed by the circus? I guess you could say that a midget or dwarf gets jobs in Hollywood. And guess what they play in every movie: a midget or dwarf. That doesn’t leave them many career options. We all know they’ll never get a “Brad Pitt” part. Let’s consider the fat lady or bearded lady of the circus freak shows. Do these women have a chance to get a leading role in a movie? I think not. Their excessive curves and unwanted facial hair lead to much discrimination in the public sphere.
To boot: the circus is a chance for these social outcasts to not only gain employment, but to provide them with a circus family. It’s also an opportunity for some to have long lasting and fruitful careers. And you may argue that they are gawked at, pointed at and so on. Even if they’re not freaks in the circus, they are freaks in the real world. Either way people are gonna stare. Why not get paid for it!!?!!

By the way… with a wooden leg, I am considered a freak too.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Without the circus, it would be quite difficult for me to get a regular job.  I can’t drive, swim, walk up stairs or carry objects steadily without the risk of dropping them.  So, I must say, that as a freak I am very thankful for the circus and my freaky family!

Iambic pentameter via Mavis!!!

26 Jul

May I compare thee to a circus day?
Thou art more sexy and more temperate:
Your tits do shake the darling buds of May,
And Summer’s heat hath all too long a date:
Sometime too hot the ass of hippo shines,
And oft’ is her gray complexion dimm’d;
And hippo trainer Mave sometime decides,
By chance performer’s changing act desired:
But this hot ass Summer shall melt us
Could kill hippo trainer best in the South?;
Or shall kill our Mavis Rose wanderest in her glory days,
When her Hippo bond has grown:

So long as Mave can breathe, or work the ring,
So long lives Mave, and is hippo trainer she!