Abominable Wedgie

30 Apr

This has been a terrible week for Mave.  Sales have been at an all time low and customers have been complaining about her selection/quality/anything else that comes to mind to bitch about.  Today, Mavis could not take another customer panty complaint.  An older woman with curly hair stumbled up to her and asked if she carried a particular cut of panty in her size.  When Mavis replied “No”, the lady stomped off in disgust.  Now, usually Mave would just grumble and ignore the situation, but today was different.  She lunged at the poor woman, grabbed her by the panties and gave her the biggest, baddest abominable wedgie imaginable!  The lady tumbled to the floor in dismay.  I don’t think she’ll ever complain again.  -The End


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