Arthritic Bellydancer

30 Apr

Today was a tragic day at the menagerie.  All of the snakes were set free by Animal Activists, Mavis dropped her panties during her act, and the bellydancer was diagnosed with arthritis.  Now, I don’t mean to sound like such a pessimist, but it’s true.  The world at the circus today seemed rather dim to Mavis.  She thought:  “Maybe I should take the day off and go “Commando” (for those of you that don’t know that means to go the day without panties).  You should really try it, it’s rather liberating!  Anyway, that’s exactly what she did.  She lost her drawers and went into town to explore the city limits.  Carnies in town are like oil and water.  Townfolk don’t like gypsies, and they especially don’t like Mavis Rose.  She stands out in a crowd.  It probably wasn’t a good idea that she took Gertrude with her either.  Gertrude pretty much eats and destroys everything in her path due to her size.  Sneers and laughs came from every direction.  Mavis was feeling very uneasy, and she didn’t have any ammo, because she neglected to wear any underpants.  What do you suppose she did?  Well, she thought about Gilda, the arthritic bellydancer and it hit her!  She and Gertrude would bellydance for passersby in order to entertain them.  So they did.  And everyone appreciated their talent and accepted them even though they were different.  They left town later that day feeling very satisfied, but all Mavis could think of was how much she really wanted a fresh pair of panties. The End


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