Beauty Rest

30 Apr

Today is a beautiful rainy day!  I am eating moldy cheese and being completely lazy.  What I should be doing is working like a good girl, but instead, I continue to lounge around my menagerie trailor in my panties and snack on delicious delectable goodies.  I am such a sucker for chocolate.  Does anyone have any?  I am all out.  I have been nibbling on green tea soy icecream with chocolate syrup.  It simply is not a substitute for good dark chocolate you know?  My favorite sandals are soaked in rain now.  Oh well, now they can be chew toys for the animals at the circus.  Recycling is my motto.  I am terribly exhausted too, because Gertrude’s enormous mammoth ass kept me up all night with her torrential snoring problem.  She is simply going to have to get surgical help!  Aye caramba!  Is that how it’s spelled?  Anyway…off to my beauty rest.  And boy do I need it!  (I am 101 years old)  -love Mavis

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