Birth of a Cyclops

30 Apr

Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s official. Mavis has given birth to a beautiful baby girl! It was a day for celebration. The doctor’s had to watch Ms. Mave very closely due to her ripe old age, but the birth went very smoothly. The doctor’s did have to remove Mave’s wooden leg, because it was getting dangerous. All of the circus performers who were waiting nervously outside the room were relieved when they heard that the baby and Mavis were okay. The best part is that the baby girl only has one eye. She is destined for a life in the circus! Gertrude was at Mavis’ side the entire time like a proud father, and she even cut the umbelical cord, (which made the doctors very nervous as you can imagine). Mavis named her baby girl Perle after her great grandmother who was an amazing acrobat. When the trio Mavis, Gertrude and Perle finally came out of the birthing room, the entire crowd of circus performers were waiting anxiously with balloons, flowers and panties to shower upon the happy new family. Bessie and Elsie, the Siamese twins were also very happy, because they get to be Perle’s surrogate mothers. What a perfect day! The only thing was… the doctor forgot to give Mavis her leg back! -Sincerely, Mave’s personal assistant


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