Bowling Upstairs

30 Apr

I am livid! This week has been full of sleepless nights. Yours truly has been on the road, and sleeping in seedy motels. It seems that, inevitably, each time I hit the hay at a hole-the-wall, there is some kind of asshole inhabiting it. Then, with my luck, the person or peoples are blessed with some sort of sleep disorder or insomnia. My beauty sleep is then interrupted, and my perfect complexion has been in terrible disarray for weeks! Whoever you are, if you are staying in cheap, sleazy motels… please consider that a mature hippo trainer with a delicate sleep schedule might be sleeping below or next to you. If you are a considerate human being, you will either modify your sleep schedule or try to be more quiet. Here are some suggestions: 1. adopt Asian custom of shoe removal at entry ways 2. sleep more 3. cover head with pillow while sleeping 4. use inside voice 5. sing in your head not in shower. To boot, I hope that you are reading this, whoever you are, loud people. I look forward to getting more beauty rest. These bags under my eyes can only be covered with so much concealer, and I need to be sharp for my performances. Sincerely, Mavis Rose Sinclair


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