Breast Weight Guesser?

30 Apr

There is this man we have previously spoken of in another story.  He is a musical man with a talent for making people giggle.  Sometimes he makes people laugh boisterously.  It depends on the mood he’s in or the amount of whiskey he consumes.  This particular man also has many alter egos.  Not only is he a comedian, performer and musician, he is also a member of our circus troupe.  It did not happen the conventional way.  We usually interview our carnies and gypsies before we hire them.  However, this particular fellow was lucky.  He was hammered out of his mind after a performance last night.  As a matter of fact, Edie Mae and I thought he was faking it.  He was teetering and tottering around like a weather vane, and his eyes reminded us of one of those dolls with that can’t see straight.  We said to him, “You should join the circus, you look like a real live jack ass!  Do you have any special talents?”  He replied, “Well, I can guess the weight of your boobs!”  It was settled.  We decided that he would be the “Boob Weight Guesser” at our circus.  What an attraction!  (Way more inventive and sexy than a traditional weight guesser.) He was so smashed he tried to grab Edie and I’s boobs.  It was hilarious!  We had to get out of there fast!  It’s nice to know that we have a new member of the circus.  Hopefully he shows up without quite so much whiskey in his system.  Although, as you all know, I do love the whiskey!  Love, Mavis


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