Business is Good

30 Apr

With an economic “decline” one would suspect that the circus business would falter.  However, it is quite the contraire mon amor.  Our tents our filled like a tick on a camel’s ass!  We sell out every night.  Gertrude and I are exhausted.  I must admit, she and I are getting to be women of higher stature, and we aren’t suited for these long hours and back-to-back performances.  But, we do love the money, Honey!!! We have been tearin’ it up every chance we get.  Juniper and I have been sippin’ on the whiskey a tad too much lately.  I never used to get hang overs.  My age is finally catching up with me. The extra money we’ve made also has to go to Gertrude’s dental expenses.  That dag-nab hippo has to have a root canal!!!  I declare!!!  At the circus dentist, she was begging me for a gold tooth.  Can you believe that shit!!! What?  Do I look like I’m made out of money?  She is so spoiled.  Besides, I can barely afford dental for my scraggly-ass 103 year old teeth, let alone some giant pachyderm’s rotten canine replacement.  But I do love her, so I will pay for the root canal.  It’s a good thing the circus is doing well.  I am so happy!!!  I guess when people don’t have any money they are depressed, so they need us circus carnies to cheer their sad asses up!!!

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