Cigars, Booze and Pantyhose

30 Apr

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away. The year was 1933 to be exact. Mave gave up cigars and booze. From that moment on, she began to walk the straight an narrow path of eating healthy and drinking lots of water and fruit juice. That is why her complexion is so nice, and she has so few wrinkles. She could not possibly live to 101 if she smoked stogies and drank whiskey all these years. And boy did she use to party! Back in 1927, she and some girlfriends smuggled a lot of booze across the border of Mexico in some black stockings. They also had a bunch of fine cigars. Luckily, they got away without the underground maffia getting wind of it, or they could have gone to jail. Female carnies caught with alcohol during that time at such a young age would have been bad news! Anyway, like I said, now Mavis is a health nut. She is actually a vegetarian. She and Gertrude eat tons of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, Gertrude and Mave have candlelight suppers together. I know, it’s sad. A grown woman having what seems like a romantic dinner with a giant hippo! It may sound absurd to you, but she doesn’t have a boyfriend. 😦 -The End


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