Dirty Crotch Quilt

30 Apr

Mavis has a proposition ladies:  You all know when it’s that time of the month, or you got really excited, or you just flat ruined the crotch of your favorite pair of lacies?  Well, she has this great idea for recycling used panties!  Istead of throwing out your soiled briefs and drawers, Mave has summoned you to launder them (I mean clean them like you’ve never cleaned them before) and neatly clip out the crotches. She has formed United Soiled Crotch Quilter’s Guild.  Together, they will bring in their many stained, saturated, or dog-chewed crotches and stitch them together into beautiful recycled quilts.  We wouldn’t want your panties going to waste now would we?  Think of it as a memory quilt too.  Example one:  patch/crotch one: the night she lost her virginity!  Example two:  patch/crotch two:  the night he stole your heart 😉  No crotchless panties!

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