Dirty Toothless Old Geezer

30 Apr

I need to vent about skeezy old men that slither around cafes all day doin’ nothin’ but hittin’ on young damsels like myself! I may have previously mentioned a creep who fulfills his sexual fantasies by writing under a pen name. Well, he is a dirty old buzzard that cheats on his wife, sits around on his ass most of the day and to top it all off (he only has about three teeth left in his entire noggin’ to speak for)! What a loser! At first, I thought he was a respectable fellow. The Glove Maker. But, to my surprise, he turns out to be nothin’ better than a sleezy old leach that sits around all day being a pervert. He gave me a copy of his erotica novel and proceeded to tell me to do unspeakable things after I read it. What a Perve! He is such a weirdo… sitting all day, toothless, shriveled bearded face. People are under the impression that he is some kind of legend or “local character”. Well, the truth is out… he is nothing but a dirty old man! He isn’t even worthy of joining the circus. Trash like him are not allowed to act or perform in our tents. He might hurt the children or make a pass at one of our beautiful young performers. And to think, it probably crossed his disgusting mind that he had a chance with the amazing Mavis Rose Sinclair. In his wildest dreams! That Asshole couldn’t get near me if he tried! Gertrude would stampede his saggy-balled ass so fast he wouldn’t know what hit him, and to top it off, I’d whack him over his bald head with my wooden leg so hard he’d need a full set of dentures instead of a partial. -The End Love Mavis Rose

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