Dolly and Minus

30 Apr

Dolly Kante is known for her Toy Soldier act on the tightrope and her incredible balance with a wooden leg.  She is engaged to the tall man in the circus.  His name is Minus because it’s the opposite of plus.  A play on words because of his stature.  Together they make a magnetic couple! Sometimes he spots Dolly when she’s practicing.  Especially when she removes her leg. He’s a very sweet boy.  Minus’ dimples are as deep as the ocean and his heart is as big as the universe.  He’s quiet, but he’s always paying attention to every detail. Oh, and he loves sports. Dolly is a curvy lady with a smile that reaches from East to West.  She’s extremely talented and very nurturing.  I’ve always loved Dolly.  She’s a wonderful friend.  I love it when she comes to visit our circus!  She and Minus are planning to have nine babies.  They will be lovely additions to the circus family!  -Mavis

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