Don’t Pick the Old White Guy

30 Apr

Hola! ?Como estas mis amigos? Well, I’ve been keeping up with the campaign just like a lot of you folks. Yes, I am an American too. I know you all think I’m from some fantasy world. Well, in some ways I am. But, I am very passionate about who will be in charge of our country. Whoever becomes president will definitely have an effect on the circus. Some metaphorically compare the campaign to a circus. I don’t know what that’s all about. But anyway, I think it’s very important to pick the right guy. Let’s consider our options. The white guy is old and ugly. Now, we can’t pick based on superficial reasons, but we can think, “Do we want to look at his repulsive face for four maybe eight years?” His opponent is quite handsome and a wonderful speaker. The old white dude speaks very similar to a guy we call by the name of the twenty-third letter of the alphabet. Yuck! Do we want to listen to that for four maybe eight more years? Hell fucking no! My main concern is that I believe that the white dude is going to screw everything up, and make me have to pay more for my health insurance. Do you know how much I already pay for my wooden legs? If my insurance increases, and something happens to my leg, I could end up in a wheelchair, and then I would loose my job! Can you imagine the circus without a hippo trainer? So, ladies and gentlemen, the moral of the story is: pick the guy that I like or I’ll pummel you with my wooden leg! I know, people always say, “Don’t force your opinions on other people!” But, I am doing it in the interest of our country. Don’t pick the old white guy, pick the handsome, smart, wonderful, well-spoken black man! (or else)
😉 Love your concerned hippo trainer

P.S. I just thought of another reason not to pick the ugly white dude. He said, “Drill more, drill more, drill more!.” with his fist in the air like a dictator. And he gave that self-promoting “poor-me” speech about being in the war to win the election. Doesn’t seem like he’s humble or modest about the experience now does it?


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