30 Apr

There are times in a person’s life when a fresh pair of sexy panties and a cup of cocoa won’t cure the worst nightmare about being chased by camels and that hip-hop artist, what’s-his-name? who wears all that dental floss around his neck? Well, if I could choose the flavor, it would be cinna-mint floss that way his rhymes would be fresh and maybe if he had a grill, it would sparkle like the north star! Mavis Rose Sinclair was marooned on the side of the road. Her only possessions were a red toothbrush, a half-full flask of vodka, and her FAVORITE red panties. It was high noon on Tuesday and not a soul was in sight on that backwoods road in Texas. She was more lost than a bobby pin in the back seat of a Chevy. Mavis was amazing. Her strawberry blonde hair tickled her swan-like neck and her graceful arms waved through the air as she tried dutifully to hitch a ride to anywhere but that dreadful place. She was about to give up all hope, when all of the sudden, a giant circus truck with elephants painted on the side stopped to offer her a ride! Mavis Rose was elated! The trollish man inside offered her a cup of cocoa and a fresh pair of panties. She was so thankful!  It’s not often a woman of her stature gets to high tail it out to the big city on the whim of a sword fish, and boy is this hippo trainer titilated.  Is that how it’s spelled? The End (Until next time….)

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