Fig Pie

30 Apr

Hi guys! Back from the Amazon early. I couldn’t take all the action, because the baby started kicking every time the boats would sway or every time it rained. You know how it goes… As soon as I got back, I needed to feel like I was on good ole North American soil so I took a trip to an outdoor farmer’s market where the locals were selling their freshly-grown goodies! The kid really needed some nutrition, because at one point, we weren’t able to eat for three days and I had to forage for edible plants in the jungle. You would be so proud of me! I even speared a walabe for dinner. Don’t worry, we ate the whole thing, and I wouldn’t have done it unless I had been ravenous. Anyway, we’re really lucky here in the states. There is food pretty much available anywhere. Now, I’m not sayin’ that there’s no people goin’ hungry, but we do have large amounts of food available to us. The market was blossoming with luscious bulbous shiny fruits and veggies just waiting for my salivating mouth to chomp down on them and masticate them, digest them and let them nourish my baby and me. I couldn’t wait! I began to skip and hop and whistle joyfully throughout the entire market, impatiently ogling each booth’s delightful selection. (I was comparison shopping of course.) Then I decided to hone in and make my scrutinizing decision. “This cannot be hasty Mave. You must calculate every purchase,” I thought mindfully. Then, squinting the entire voyage, I hobbled throughout the market squeezing, smelling and tapping each fruit and veggie to pick the perfect one. Chatting with the vendors also influenced my decision. The friendliest ones always get my buck! After all my goodies were gotten, I headed off with my heavy sacks of sussies! Gertrude was elated with joy when I was home. Personally, my stomach was rumbling. I made stuffed eggplant and pasta with yellow squash and red bell peppers. It was delish! Hopefully, you all will be inspired by this to visit your local farmer’s market after this. (even if it’s rinky-dink) Tomorrow, I think I’ll make fig pie.


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