Fish Lips and Whores

30 Apr

Mavis was innocently browsing through the magazine rack at the pharmacy today, and this frigid fish-lipped old bitty tapped her on her bare shoulder and asked coldly, “Ma’m, what the hayl are you wearing?”  Now, Mavis is accustomed to stranged looks, glares, and snears in public places.  I mean, she is a hippo trainer with a peg for a leg who often is scantily clad, however, she was caught off gaurd because she was meandering through the stacks looking for her favorite mag:  “Guys in Panties”.  Anyway, the old cootchie persisted to inquire of Mave’s attire, and this began to irritate her, because all she really wanted was to be researching boys in britches…mmmm…finger lickin’ good.  Mavis told the lady that the wooden leg was a necessary prosthesis and her tight clothes were the latest fashion.  She thought that would get her off her back, but “no” the lady kept pressing the issue.  So, Mavis did just what her instincts told her to do:  She grabbed a pair of thong panties that had been a bad seller that season, tossed them at the lady, and told her that she was a cop and they had been confiscated from a dirty whore!  The lady cringed in disgust.  The end.


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