Flossing My Teeth With Butt-Floss

30 Apr

Mavis has had a vision!  While not shopping at Wal-mart, but accompanying someone to the stupid store, a Hippo-of-a-man bent over to pick up the power drill he was admiring so fondly and she was nearly blinded!  He was wearing a hot pink lacy thong butt-flossin’ you-know-what pair of ladies underpants!  To her dismay, she heard a loud….SNAP!  The man stumbled over and knocked an entire display of glittery fishing lures over causing an avalanche of sporting goods.  Rewind…What really happend:  His wife walked past, saw the neon pink panties flashin like a pink beacon of light in the sleazy store and with all her fake fingernail polish might slingshot-smacked the hell out of his ass until he probably could not sit down the next day.  Poor guy…hope he got a power drill.

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