Frannie Kitty

30 Apr

Her name was Frannie Kitty.  She was Magnificent!  Here hair was as thick as homemade custard.  Miss Kitty’s mane was as strong as a tow truck.  We had to hire her!  There was no question about it!  I had been searching for years for a beautiful strong woman who could swing, dangle and perform from her hair.  Not only was Frannie beautiful and strong, she was fun to be around.  Everyone at the circus enjoyed her company.  (The boys loved touching her hair)  Her first performance was incredible!  Her long locks glistened in the lights and her costume was gorgeous.  Her assistants harnessed her hair to the swings and cables, and we made sure the safety nets were secure.  As she spun, swung and dangled the crowd watched in pure amazement!  How could someone perform such a feat?  It seemed almost impossible, but Frannie was a natural!  And what a name!!

We will keep her!
Love, Mavis

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