Gertrude Returns

30 Apr

Recently, Gertrude was kidnapped by a local circus. Mavis was distraught as you all can imagine! The information came to her by telegram, and she was woken from a deep slumber. The siamese twins delivered the grim news, “Ms. Rose, We’re afraid your hippo has come up missin’, mum.” At first, Mave thought she was dreaming. So, she rubbed her eyes, smearing blue eye make up across her now furrowed neatly plucked eye brows. When she realized that maybe she was in fact awake, she pinched her self. “Ouch, that hurt like shit!”,she exclaimed. Then she suddenly realized, that Gertrude, her best friend in the whole world, had really been stolen by a bunch of pirate-gypsy-good-fer -nothins. Usually, our heroin would spring into action immediately. She would steam angrily into the night, waving her fists, promising to hunt down the perpetrators, find them, and beat them with her wooden stump. However, this time, she was stoic. Ms. Sinclair is such great friends with Gertie that she was confident that the pachyderm had the instincts and the ability to find her way home. Therefore, Mavis decided to wait patiently for a few days for the hippos return. Two days went by without Gertie’s presence in Mavis’ act. She managed well. Instead of wrestling a hippo to the floor with panties as usual, the crowd watched beautiful Mave, in all her glory, do magic tricks with panties. She also used audience members for her act. Boy were those mens’ wives ticked when she wrapped panties around their heads. The guys were quite satisfied though. On the third day, as Mavis expected, Gertrude, returned unharmed. She was so elated to see her mistress that she almost trampled her. Mave was just as happy. -The end


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