Gypsy Mama: Paloma and Ava

30 Apr

Gertrude and I were up early yesterday.  The sun had just popped over the horizon and the air was crisp and fresh.  I was just about to get a nice strong cup of coffee and bum a fag off of the gal in the trailer next to me, when there was a rap at my door.Standing like the Madonna holding baby Jesus on my front steps was a beautiful young woman wrapped in layers of cloth.  She was holding a squirming cherub-like baby.  I could guess right away that she must have been a traveling gypsy girl by her style of dress and lack of material possessions.Her story was simple.  Her name is Paloma and her baby is Avalina.  She had to flee from the rest of her group due to an abusive leader.  It had been days since she had eaten.  So of course I took her in and gave her some hot tea and treats.  Paloma ate all of the food I gave her wildly.  She was very appreciative.

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