Help Wanted

30 Apr

Mavis was performing last night and as she was slinging the last pair of sequined thong panties around Gertie’s neck to strangle her, the music stopped.  Just like that.  There was no warning.  There was no petering out.  Not even a subtle hum lingering.  The audience members were looking around as if there had been some sort of a tragedy.  Gertrude froze up (which was good for the act).  Mavis didn’t know what to do!  Should she go on and pretend like it didn’t matter?  A hippo/panty act without music would be somewhat like a live silent film.  Maybe it could have worked, but the crowd became restless, and Mavis had to stop the show.  It was a sad night, because no one knew what had become of the band.  Why had they disappeared?  How could a drummer, trombonist, trumpeter, keyboardist and a banjo player all disappear simultaneously?  If anyone has any information, please let us know.  Otherwise, we are currently looking for musicians to fill in until we find them.  If you can play an instrument, send me a message.  Thanks, Mavis Rose Sinclair    We would love to have you at the circus!!

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