Hey Diddle Diddle…

30 Apr

A new fandangle dandy dewop ditty beboppin’ swingin’ new sensational thing happened to our dear Mavis Rose today in a cafe! You won’t believe your high falutin’ eyes! She was planted on a fluffy old devan circa the Art Deco era waiting for her dear friend who always wears a funny hat to show up… He is never punctual and he has a poor potted periwinkle plant held hostage on his bicycle. Anyway, as I was saying, our lovely Mave was minding her own beeswax on the sofa when a man with few hair folicles proceeded to take the seat beside her. She was slightly annoyed by this action, but he left a small comfortable proximity between them, and so she let out a sigh of relief. He took it as some type of intro to conversation. (Which it was not). But our mistress of moxie is a polite lady even though she gets perturbed at times. He inquired as to what she was in town for, and she curtly replied, “business”. “How coy”, she thought. He kept prying into our hippo trainer as to what her profession was and blah, blah… until finally… he asked her the big question. “How old are you?” Now miss Mave is quite proud of how well she has ripened, and is by no means ashamed of her Century status. So, she boasted, “I am exactly 101!” The bald baboon’s eyes nearly doubled in size. His flirtations skid to a halt, and at that, their conversation turned from sizzling to bland. As soon as her silly friend waltzed through the door, Mave suggested that they split.
The End


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