Hippo Training Lesson Nightmares

30 Apr

Mavis has been out of commission for weeks due to her busy schedule and her swelling belly. She has been teaching a hippo training course between her performances and let’s just say for a lady her age, it’s simply just exhausting. The problem is that every time she tries to show a student how to wrangle a hippo to the floor with a delicate pair of panties they either whine, “that’s impossible!”, or they attempt with poor skill, and Mavis has to scrape them out from under the giant hippo’s bum. Nonetheless, she keeps trying. The students ask the same questions over and over and over and over. She almost feels as if she might go insane! Poor Ms. Rose, she hasn’t even had time to care for her own needs! Her wooden leg has even developed a few splinters due to dryness. Sometimes, she has nightmares about the classes where her supervisor comes into the class unexpectedly, and she has already finished her exquisite lesson. Then, she has nothing left to demonstrate. The students began to act up into a frenzy, and the hippo begins to get nervous. She feels as if the students are trying to sabotage her on purpose, and her observer is frantically scrawling notes on his notepad. It’s terrible really. Mavis can’t wait until the class is over. What a relief that will be! She plans to sit around in her panties and sip on iced lattes with a tad bit of liquor in them. Gertrude misses her company too!
-Sincerely, Mavis’ personal assistant


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