Innocent Mavis

30 Apr

Now, Mavis seems to write about such violent and crass topics.  She has a bad temper, but she is trying to stave off those lustful feelings of hate and disdain for people and the world.  It’s hard folks!  With all the murder and bloodshed going on these days, who could blame her?  Mavis Rose is a poor innocent gal, just trying to make living and the world is spiraling down the camode!  As she gets older, the world just gets more violent.  It’s hard for her to see the world through “rose colored glasses” as Audrey Hepburn once said.  But one must persevere!  You can’t go through life with negative attitude.  If you do, you simply won’t make it.  It’s best to look at things with an optimists perspective.  When Mavis is doing a Hippo act or walking the trapeze, she holds her chin high.  She whistles a happy little ditty on her way to the local store too!  Whatever she can do to keep her panties spry, she does it!  On that note, all of ya’ll have a wonderfull day, and until next time, keep yer panties spry!  Love Mavis

P.S. Stay tuned, our next blog will be a rare special guest appearance by Mavis Rose herself!


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