Juggle Rabbits

30 Apr

Okay, ladies and gents!  I am so sorry!  I know I haven’t been checking in regularly, but I don’t have a computer at the menagerie and I’m not really that computer savvy anyway, seeinz that I am 101 years old.  We have a lot of catching up to do!  I miss ya’ll so much!  Everything has been crazy here at the circus.  I tore a stinkin’ runner in my panty hose today by rubbing my wooden leg to close to my other leg.  I hate it when that happens don’t you?  Well, I have to get back to teaching to the acrobats how to juggle rabbits.  Until I get a chance to sit still a little longer, I will catch up with you later.  I love you all and miss you dearly… Yours truly, Mavis Rose Sinclair


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