Juggling Fruit

30 Apr

I was napping under a scraggly tree in the yard when I had a premonition. I saw a young girl of fifteen years squatting low to the grass laden ground. She wore a light gray smock with black buttons up the front and on the cuff. Her lips were pouty, cheeks rosy and hair the color of golden hay. In a basket near her feet were two apples and three limes; all ripe and bright in color. When I first saw her, she was still like a statue. But soon, she plucked each piece of fruit out of the basket delicately, with such grace, it seemed as if each piece were sacred. As she did so, they immediately sprung into elegant flight, cycling between her milk colored fingers like planets in orbit. I was hypnotized. She was amazing. When I awoke, I thought that it had to be real. There was no way it could have been a dream. I rubbed my eyes, and struggled to gain stability on my pegged leg. I set out to see if there were any strange new people on the fair grounds. I thought to myself that I was crazy. No one was new at the circus. I was determined to find out if it was merely a dream, or if I had predicted a new arrival. We could use a juggler as a new act. So, I went into town and started my search. First, I walked up and down the streets. Then, I walked up and down the promenades. Then I searched restaurants, cafes etc. As I was about to give up, I was passing through downtown near a community park. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of someone sitting under a tree. I pivoted on my wooden leg, and low and behold, there she was; sitting like a statuesque beauty under the shade of an oak tree. I walked up to her, and she looked exactly as I saw her in my dream (plus a few minor details). I said hello, and explained. She must have thought me mad at first, but when I offered her a job, her eyes quickly changed. Her name is Nell from Norway, and she got lost while searching for her lover. She was juggling on the streets for money. I’m very excited to have a juggler for our circus, and Nell is a very interesting character. She will fit right in! -Mavis


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