Junk in the Trunk

30 Apr

There is a history of people in the world lusting after bodacious babes scantily clad or wearing nothing at all.  As we all know paintings, photographs, and cave drawings alike all depict various nude women either performing daily tasks or merely lounging about as if they have nothing better to do than seduce men by showing off their great tits and asses by laying on a couch and eating grapes.  Little does the general public know that if the average female were to lay around all day eating like that, her butt would get as big as a house!   Now, lately Mavis has come to the realization that she loves to lounge around in the buff and indulge in chocolate snacks, cheese, and fruit too.  It’s a great life.  Wow, if only she wasn’t starting to notice that her behind was beginning to suffer.  Well, she really hadn’t noticed until her panties began to feel a tad bit snug one day, and this guy also yelled out during her performance, “Mave’s got some junk in the trunk!” and then he whistled like those guys do when they think you’re sexy.  She was mortified.  First of all, she didn’t really know what ‘junk in the trunk’ was cuz she’s not hip with the new lingo, but Jim the ferris wheel mechanic played The Thong Song for her, and she almost went into tears.  No more lounging around like a goddess without panties anymore for her!  And definitely no more chocolate!  (at least for a while anyway)  -The End

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