Kamikazee Panties

30 Apr

A few days ago, Mavis and I were having our usual chat, and she told me that she had this plan to have a parade.  Her idea was to have the menagerie glide through the center of town past her villa.  I had no preconception of what her entire plot was, but Mavis is a grown woman, and I knew that whatever her imagination stirred up was fantastic.  Besides, she’s a very trustworthy gal.  The next day, the menagerie was bustling with excitement!  All of the animals were being fitted with giant tutus and frilli panties.  Each carny, gypsy, and freak alike were instructed to wear panties….as many pair as possible (even on their heads!)  Mavis needed millions of pairs of panties fast, and she needed to figure out how and fast!  She had an idea!  Quickly, she posted a notice on Craig’s list that said:  Fresh Panties Wanted for Panty Parade with a mailing address following.  The response was phenomenal!  The next day, hundreds of panties came streaming in from all over the U.S. (even one pair from Canada).  Mavis was elated with joy!  To allocate the panties to the proper postition the menagerie animals were instructed to take one load each to the street and evenly disperse them.  They were then hoisted up into the balconies above.  The next day was the parade!  Everyone was so excited! The animals began at Beaker St.  and lined up with lavishly decorated wagons, carts, and handmade floats.  Carnies, gypsies, and freaks covered in panties escorted or rode on top of the animals, and of course, Gertrude lead the parade.  Some carnies were strategically positioned in the balconies they were instructed to fling panties out the windows as the parade trudged past.  The parade was about to start the crowd went wild, BANG! the gun went off!  It was a spectacular sight.  The music, the panties, and carnies in every direction.  It was simply breathtaking.  Mavis you are a genius!  -The End

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