Knife Thrower

30 Apr

Recently, Mave made a new friend.  It was strange really.  They were both signed up for sychronized swimming lessons, and the teacher was about to close the class, but at the last minute decided to let both Mave and Calha the Magnificent in.  Immediately, they hit it off.  While they were warming up to swim, both Mavis and Calha were talking about their early experiences as ‘older’ circus gals.  Believe it or not Calha is older than Mavis!!! She is a living legend.  Her specialty is knife throwing.  She has never missed or been hit in her 85-year knife throwing career.  Pretty amazing huh?  The best part of this story is that Calha prefers to do her knife throwing act in the buff!  Yes folks, you read correctly!  She is Calha the Magnificent NUDE Knife Thrower.  Mavis is enthralled that she has a new friend, and that they both share commons interests in the circus and being exhibitionists (in a tasteful manner of course).  Calha has been a great swimming partner in the class.  She helps Mave with her ‘Esther Adams’ make-up and making sure her wooden leg doesn’t get water-logged, and Mave covers for Calha when she needs potty breaks (she has a small bladder).  Mave and Calha have become great friends in a short amount of time, and Mavis has been glowing ever since she met her.  Also, Calha has a little boy, and since Mave is expecting she can probably give her advice on being a mother.  Won’t that be great?  Until next time…-Mave’s personal assistant

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