Laughable Fingernail Dirt

30 Apr

Today Mavis was enjoying her usual long soak in a lavender bubble bath and listening to the soothing sounds of Romanian opera music.  Her thoughts began to wonder to her childhood.  She remembered those tender times when she could run (with both legs of course) through fields of corn back in Kentucky.  Oh, how the air was sweet, and the wind blew softly through her long black hair!  Those were the best times in her life!  She lifted up her real leg and touched her red-painted toe to the silver drain just above the bubbles.  It was chilly and the faucet dripped down the top arc of her pale ivory foot.  It made her miss her other foot.  A single salty warm tear trickled down her 101 year old cheek and she thought, “It doesn’t matter Mavis, you’ve still got both of your hands!”  At that, she sprung from the tub sloshing lavender water onto the cold floor and lept out.  Mave gave herself a manicure to pamper her wonderful hands.  She laughed as she scraped out all of the dirt from under the nails, and pushed back every soaked cuticle with tender loving care. -The End

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