Leg Magnets

30 Apr

Mavis wore short shorts.  She looked like a swanky sexy damsel.  Her ass is hot.  In these miniscule pants, her buns were sumptuous and juicy like mangos on the front porch, cold watermelon seed spitting contest, fresh avacado finger licking beautiful.  When she sauntered down the sidewalk, ladies and gentlemens’ necks crooked left and right like ducks in a pond searching for food.  Everyone notices when Mavis bears her luscious legs.  (Well, some of them might be ogling her prosthesis)  But, most of them can’t help but stare at her bodacious bangin’ butt, thighs and incredibly muscular calves.  Even though she is beyond bodacious babe years, her legs are amazing.  As you all know, this is due to her many years as a trapeze artist, tight rope walker and now a famed hippo trainer.  Today, the short shorts caused an accident.  It’s not her fault really.  She was walking her usual route to the convenience store for some fresh coconut milk, and a man on his motor bike began to stare at her instead of the lane he was in.  Boom!  He veered off the road and into a giant green dumpster.  The contents were strewn about the street, and everyone in the neighborhood ran out to investigate.  Mavis was so worried.  She felt a little guilty that she had played a small part in causing the accident, but her friends back at the circus assured her that men who stare at women like that eventually get what they deserve!  Luckily, he only had a few cuts and bruises, and his bike had taken the brunt of the crash.  Hopefully, he learned his lesson.  -The End


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