30 Apr

Love. What is it? No one quite knows. No one quite understands. I will let you in on a little secret. Love is the circus. Love is when you are on the ferris wheel with your boyfriend eating cotton candy and he every so subtly leans over and puts his arm over your shoulder. You think he wants some of your whipped sugar. But no. He really wants some of your sweet sugar (if you know what I mean). Rrrrr. Hubba hubba. Then he tries to stick his tongue in your ear. Ewww!!! Yuck! I will tell you… This is not love. This is a disastrous ride on the ferris wheel. A ferris wheel is beautiful when it is lit up at night. When it spins around the lights glisten like fire flies dancing in the moon light. It is so romantic. A tongue in the ear can really ruin the mood. Johnny the ferris attendant has many grotesque accounts of girls running screaming from the wheel ripping their hair out yelling things such as, “He grabbed my breast!” Guys, there are some appropriate times to grope a woman’s bosom, and there are some occasions when you should abstain. None of the above is love. Love is when you think about someone every moment of the day. Love is when you get butterflies in your belly when they walk into the room. It’s when you feel sad when they don’t smile. Love is actually different for every person. Some people have never experienced it. Some may never experience it. I am a seasoned Vet. As you know, I am a Centarian plus one, so I have been in love a few times. It has been different each time, however, each time has been a valuable learning experience. To all you lovers and people seeking love out there, I have some advice: Love is great, but love is dangerous… fall in love, but be cautious. Sincerely, Mavis


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