Make Love to Yourself Not War

30 Apr

Hey ya’ll!  It’s Mavis Rose.  I just love my readers.  Ya’ll are near and dear to my heart!!! I appreciate every single one of you!!! Juniper and I were talking about that today; Without you guys, we would not have an outlet for our circus woes!!! We just love telling you about our adventures! It would be swell if more people would read our stories.  Today, I want to tell you a simple tale about Juniper.  She recently started dating a boy in the acrobatic troupe.  He’s kinda cute (I guess).  Hey sorry!  I’m just being honest.  Do you want me to lie?  I don’t think he’s up to par for our Miss Jun’ anyway.  He’s been messin’ with her emotions and Mavis don’t like it one bit!  We circus gals deserve strong, talented and loyal men who will put up with us.  If he so much as makes Jun’ shed one tear, I’ll take off my leg and send him to where the sun don’t shine!  He won’t remember who he is or where he’s from! No man is going to mess with my Juniper!  It’s men like him that have made me decide to stay single.  Besides, I’m my own best lover anyway!!!

Love Mavis Rose Sinclair


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