Mave’s New Act

30 Apr

Today, Mavis busted her chops working on her new act.  All the ladies are gonna sway and swoon when they see her prancin’ around in her panties, jinglin’ and a janglin’ in the moonlight.  Gertrude even got excited when she found out that a new pair of skivees with orange fringe and sequins were in on the deal.  The rest of the day ol’ Al and Teresa (the mechanic and his way too young bride) played Gin Rummy with Gertie and Mave until the sun went down.  You should’ve seen the sunset!  Every shade of red and yellow was blended beautifully across the desert sky, and every now and then a smokey cloud would interupt the color play.  Don’t forget:  Mave’s new act is next week and she’s gonna be wearing an amazing costume, so be there or be square!

Sincerely, Mave’s loyal assistant


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