Mave’s Vacation

30 Apr

Sorry guys and gals.  Mave has not been able to come over to my abode and tell me her amazing stories lately due to her vacation.  On the spur of the moment, Ms. Sinclair decided to jump on a train and travel.  She saw many places.  New York, Chicago, and Boston were the three biggest cities she visited.  Since Mavis has been travelling most of her life, this was really nothing new to her, but since she’s pregnant, she wanted to see a little of the world before she’s big as a caboose.  Now, I know it has come as much of a suprise to many of you when her profile was changed in the children section from “none” to “expecting”, but as Mavis previously explained to her bestest friend Rita Mae, she accidently got knocked up while she was with this carny named Ernie.  I know, it sounds horrendous!  Trust me, as Mave has confessed to me, if she could go back in time, she would have never drunk all that tequila and smoked that wonderful Gonja from Tibet.  However, she is happy to say that she has never had a baby before and is looking forward to being a mother.  Many of you have sent letters of concern regarding Ms. Sinclair’s old age.  Well, we have also discussed this matter.  If for some matter (knock on wood) Ms. Sinclair were to “kick the bucket” or “keel over” (Buddha forbid), we have decided that the Siamese twins will be the Godmothers of the child since there are two of them, and they only have one baby.  One more thing, the latest development to come from Mave’s pregnancy is her design of maternity panties.  They are simply magnificent!  If anyone is interested, you can purchase them.  Just contact Godiva at the menagerie.  And last but not least she wants every pregnant lady to know that if you think your back hurts, try being pregnant with a peg leg!  Consider yourself lucky!  -The End


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