Mavis is Amazing

30 Apr

Sometimes a person wakes up and realizes that they are simply amazing.  A friend asked Mavis yesterday if she believes in God.  She does.  He also asked if she thinks that God preplans our lives for us.  She does not.  If that was the case.  God, whoever or whatever…male, female…entity…nondescript would have a pretty interesting sense of humor and imagination to invent Mavis’ life.  I mean, wouldn’t you agree?  Mavis has the strangest life.  Panties, hippos, and a missing leg.  If God pre-planned all this shit…Wow!  That is some foresight!  Anyway,  props to God if he/she/whatever can do that.  Mavis really thinks that people make their lives as they go along based on influences and life experience.  Feel free to send comments on this one.  She’s curious about people’s opinions on this.


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