Mavis’ Love

30 Apr

Hi-it’s me…Mavis.  I know you guys usually hear from my personal assistant, but she has Amoebic Dissentary and cannot leave “The Lou” today.  I am writing to you all today because my heart is full of woe.  I know that term is cliche, however, I feel it fits the mood.  There is a problem at the moment that makes my heart ache.  You know that wrenching twist that begins in your heart and travels into your throat, lingers there until you are forced to swallow it, and then the process just repeats again?  That’s the feeling I have.  It is due to the fact that I have an unfullfilled desire for something I cannot have.  We all get these feelings from time to time.  We are human.  The problem is it seems what we want in life is often out of reach or often unattainable.  Sometimes it is best not to pursue your desires at all because you know your heart will be broken in the end.  What I’m trying to say is that I am going to dream about my wishes, but they will never come to fruition.  But sometimes that is the fun of life.  I must go tend to my hippo now.  May you all have luck in life, love, and happiness.

-Mavis Rose Sinclair


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