Maxi Pads on the Wall?

30 Apr

Mavis Rose has many hopes, plans, and fears about her ominous and perilous future.  Although the panty business is fruitfull and everyone is going to want to buy stock in Fruit of the Loom after they read her blogs, she also has a few complaints about life in between the benefits of her panty-lovin endeavors.  The other day, while calmly tinkling in a stall at a local gas station (she always squats so that she can avoid the disgusting seats that’s why her thighs are so muscular) she non-chalantly gazed to her left and low-and-behold, there was a nasty-used up…guys and gals if you have a weak stomach read no further…maxi pad pasted to the stall wall.  Now, being that she was in an awkward position, (panties at the ankle hovering like a UFO over the porclein goddess) she lost her balance and plummeted like an amateur bowling ball toss onto the skeezy gas station floor.  What a nightmare!  Next time one of you nasty ninnies decides to mash your messy maxie to the wall, think twice…you could cause a serious injury you Bitch!  I hope you’re reading this right now.  If Mavis had her way she wouldn’t sue you…no she’d take you to that stall and shove your inconsiderate face flat into your maxi!  The End 🙂

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