Mystery of the Peg Leg

30 Apr

Mavis Rose Sinclair, Panty Dealer Extraordinaire, was not born with a wooden leg.  In fact, no one is born with a wooden leg.  She was not born with a missing limb either for that matter.  You might recall that Mavis sells panties for extra money while working for a travelling menagerie, correct?  Well, as a small child, she also worked for a small travelling circus with her mother and father, who were immigrants from Mexico.  Her mother was a trapeze artist and her father a tight-rope walker.  They were both very talented and taught Mavis everything she needed to know about surviving the hardships of working for the circus.  One day when Mavis was about five years old, she was skipping along the wooden wheels of the fortune-telling wagon.  All of the sudden, the horse pulling it was spooked by a passerby and yanked the heavy thing right on top of Mavis Rose’s left leg.  The “Strong Man” tried to yank it loose in time to save her leg, but it was too late.  The doctor had to amputate it that day and Mavis’ parents couldn’t afford a traditional prosthetic, so they opted for a less expensive wooden leg.  At the time, her leg was not so fancy, but now Mavis takes pride in the design and the wood.  She even laces it on with various colors of ribbon for extra appeal.  Some good things came out of her losing her leg.  Mavis’ parents made more money, because she was able to bring more business to the circus.  The manager of the menagerie promoted her to ‘circus freak kid’ status after the accident.  Her life simply wouldn’t be the same without her leg.  Pun intended!  -Love, Juniper


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