Mystical Acordian Music

30 Apr

far in the distance, there was a resonant soft hum of a concertina. Mavis’ ears perked up. Was there a new guy at the circus? She love the traditional sound of the accordion. who was this mysterious man with the squeeze box? Mave set out on a mission to find him. The rest of the day she inquired from tent to tent and trailor to trailor as to where the lovely music had been lulling from. No one seemed to know or care but her. She was so absorbed in her arduous search that she almost forgot about her burlesque show that night. She spotted Gertie eating cotton candy (which is totally forbidden) and grabbed her by the ear. They both headed to their trailor to prepare for their show. As Mave glanced over at her pet and best friend she noticed a piece of paper tucked in a sash around her neck. It was as if Gertrude were Mave’s car and an ad was placed strategically in the wind-shield wiper. Mavis snatched up the note without hesitation. It read: Come one, Come all, to the most Amazing Concertina show you have ever seen! Mavis was peeved and relieved all at once when she finally laid eyes on the mystery man. His show was before hers. His music was hypnotic. -The End


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