Ole Man Jonji

30 Apr

There was once an old man who stumbled into town.  His stench was familiar.  And everyone in the circus recognized it.  They either loved his musky aroma or rejected its intoxicating elixir.  He went by the pseudonym of Ole Man Jonji, but his real name was… Well, I’ll let him tell you that later if he wants to.  Anyway, his smell was that of sweet pungent maple syrup.  I, personally, was drunk with his scent.  I love syrup!  (Almost as much as whiskey)  Juniper, Edie and I have a big sweet tooth so we decided that we’d invite Mr. Jonji over for some tea and crumpets.  It’s only the polite thing to do!  It turns out that Mr. J is an incredible banjo and harmonica player (to say the least).  He kept the three of us entertained the entire night.  Gertrude kept licking his skin like it was a never ending popsicle.  I had to tell her to leave.  She was making Mr. J uncomfortable.  Although I thought the licking seemed to soothe him at first.  Anyway, after we were sick of pretending to be British, Juniper, Edie and I slipped into the other room for a chat.  We decided to invite Jonji to be in our circus.  But what in Aunt Jemima’s name could he possibly be?!!  We stuck our heads together, and then… Eureka!!! We decided to ask him if he would like to replace, Vinnie (God rest his soul) the ventriloquist who had recently died.  Although, we realized Jonji was not a ventriloquist, we knew that with his musical skill and perseverance, he could eventually be a great ventriloquist.  So, with that, we went into the other room to ask him what he thought…. To be continued  Love Mavis


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