On Top of Old Smokey

30 Apr

Mavis recently took her gloves to an expert. She had to search high and low until she finally found a “Glove Guru”. He is a spindly, lanky fella with a long gray beard, and the years have worn grooves in his face. When he smiles, his pearly whites are few and far between. Mave was elated when she was able to pick his brain about the history of gloves. He knew everything about their construction, where they came from and anything else you can think of. She especially was curious about the care and washing. The old leather and hand made pieces that Mavis possesses are very delicate, and the guru told her that she should use a mild soap. The real twist to this story is that this guru turns out to be a real horny-toad. He gave Mavis a copy of a book he had published when he found out that she also dabbled in writing. The little novelette turns out to be more than erotica. It is more like this old man’s sexual desires being fulfilled in literary form. The entire time Mave was reading it she was visualizing this toothless bearded guru with some poor young girl mounted on top of him. It’s sick really. They always had a cigarette afterwards of course! -The end


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