Panties on a Pole

30 Apr

Mavis’ birthday is tomorrow.  She’ll finally be 101 years old!  Wow!  For that age she still looks amazing folks!  Come on down to the menagerie to see for yourselves.  You simply won’t believe it.  She is a little sad right now because she’s getting up there and still an old maid.  I said “Mavis, someday the man of your dreams will come along and sweep you off your foot and peg and take you to an amazing place, and you will live happily ever after”.  She believes that the circus is her destiny.  Obviously she’s been a part of it for so long.  Anyway, tonight, we are throwing the party of the century for Mave!  We are all hoping that a handsome young man will come to the circus and give her a lap dance or something to cheer her up.  She really just needs an ego boost.  It’s hard being a circus-freak with a wooden leg.  It makes it difficult to find a mate.  Well, I really do feel that there is hope for Mavis in 2008.  101 years old should be a great ripe old age for such a spinster like her!  I wish her all the luck in the world!  May her panties be hoisted to the top of the tallest flagpole and flow in the wind with pride!  I love you Mavis Rose Sinclair!  -Your Loyal Assistant-  The End

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