Panty Tree, Oh My!

30 Apr

There once was a girl named Mave.  She had lusty feelings she could not stave.  One day in the meadow she did stop.  Her button on her blouse did pop.  Mavis did not blink an eye.  For what reason we can not pry.  But you and I can guess.  She was likely fooling around with a guy.  Now over the hills she did flee.  Laughing so merily.  She was so satisfied…forgot her torn panties in a tree!  Panty tree, Oh my!  Mave did not blink an eye!  Her mother was so pissed.  Her panties they were missed.  The next day in the laundry, her mom did make a face of quandry.  Maves’ ass was burnin’ red, and she went to bed unfed.  -The End


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