Party With Your Panties On?

30 Apr

The party was a swingin’. The animals were hangin’ from the chandeliers, and the new circus manager had panties on his head, both arms and he was even wearing them as slippers! Mavis thought, “This party is going quite well.” Across the room she saw the siamese twins smooching with one of the new trapeze artists. Boy was he lucky to have two girls at once! (Especially girls joined at the hip) That would make for an interesting evening! The music was great, and everyone was sipping pink champagne. Mavis really thought that the night was going to go off without a hitch when she heard, “Mavis somebody clogged the toilet!” Sure enough, one of the chimps had shoved there underwear down the comode on a dare. Those silly animals! If only they had more common sense! Mavis had to shove her high heel in there to jiggle the drawers loose. Finally, with much struggle, the bvd’s were rescued from the watery abyss. Soon thereafter, the chimps were trying to do it again, so Mave promptly booted them out of the party. Overall, the party was a blast. The party favors were fun, and the pinata was the highlight of the night. Of course, you guessed, Mavis used her leg to beat the hell out of the pinata. Anyway, Mave definitely needed the party to take the edge off of things. Hope you guys are partying too. Mavis says “hello”. She’s off to the Amazon for a month. We will correspond, and I will write to you. -Sincerely, Mave’s personal assistant


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