Performing Ain’t Easy

30 Apr

When I was a little girl, my parents introduced me to the world of performance.  At first, I was a fledgling tightrope walker and acrobat.  My mother and father began to teach me the ins and outs of the circus business and all of its characteristics.  It took years of training.  Of course, as all of you avid readers know, my training was interrupted by my unfortunate wagon-wheel accident, and I was forced to continue my learning with a wooden leg.  Now, you may be thinking that this hindered my performance skills or thwarted the possibilities of me becoming a great tightrope walker or acrobat.  However, patrons of the circus were willing to pay top dollar to see the “little girl with one leg”  walking the rope!  “Step right up folks!  See the Amazing, One-Legged Mavis Rose Sinclair walk the tight rope with only one leg!”, the ringmaster would announce.  Those were the days when everyone thought a wooden leg was “cute”.  As I grew older, however, the wooden leg became cumbersome and an eyesore.  The circus-goers began to view it as a freak show, and I had to rethink my act.  I had to be creative.  When I turned 15, I racked my brain for weeks trying to come up with an original performance piece.  It was not until I found Gertrude, alone in her cage, that I realized my destiny.  I would be a hippo trainer!  She and I worked for weeks getting to know each other and becoming friends.  I knew I had to integrate my leg into the act.  But how?  During these couple of weeks, I dreamed that Gertrude and I were in a field of Daisies.  We were tumbling around, goofing off.  She began to misbehave and growl.  (Which is very uncharacteristic of her.)  I had to act quickly, so I took of my leg and beat her to a bloody pulp.  When I woke up, I was dripping in sweat and breathing heavily.  But I knew what I had to do… I would use this concept in my performances!  So from that point on, I would act like I was beating Gertie into submission with my wooden leg.  She is such a great actress!  The panty strangling came later when I started selling panties.  I think the undies were a sexy addition to my act.  Love, Mave

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