Perfumed Drawers

30 Apr

While strangling Gertrude one day at the menagerie, Mavis noticed a strange stench emitting from the pretty pair of panties she had meticulously washed the previous day in fine soap.  “Hmmm…”she thought.  “These were supposed to smell fresh and sweet like a new pair of panties!”  Mavis was perplexed.  She could not figure out what happened to the drawers to make them smell like they had been in a garbage disposal for a week!  Gertrude had a slightly guilty look on her face.  Uh Oh….Mavis looked at her and saw right through her.  The hippo immediately fessed up to the whole shabang!  The truth was that the night before, she and a bunch of the other circus animals dressed up in panties and lingerie and pranced about the empty carnival.  They imagined they were people and had all kinds of fun, but in the mean time, they soiled the briefs.  Too bad they didn’t have time to clean them!  This hippo is in for an extra beating!  -The End


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