Pick Men Like Fruit

30 Apr

Mavis and I were chittering and chattering as usual and the subject of men came up.  Now, we often meander onto the subject of the male species during our conversations, but they tend to mutate into passionate debates, tears, or stompin’ feet.  But that’s okay, we like to get it all out during our gab sessions.  That is what they are for.  Anyway, the other day we began to discuss how one goes about choosing a man.  Well, I’ll tell you what, it ain’t easy!  That was one of our conclusions.  We both agreed that you have to try before you buy.  None of that religious bullshit.  No offense to those of you that are believers, but we like to try on our panties to see if they fit before we commit (if you know what I mean).  Another metaphor we agreed upon for choosing a mate worthy of taking home with us:  Squeeze the avacado to make sure it’s ripe first!  Pick yer man like ya pick yer fruit.  If he tastes and smells good, he might just be the one.  I mean, there are other criteria of course, but it sure as hell is a great start!

-Love Mavis and her lovely Assistant –Peace

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