Provoking Mavis

30 Apr

People often try to tease, taunt, and provoke Mavis.  She does work at a circus.  She does have a wooden leg and a very unconventional career, but her intention is not to invoke jest folks.  Mavis Rose merely wants to win your hearts and affection.  A caucaphony of laughter from a small crowd is music to her ears.  How, you might ask, do people try to provoke this goddess of panty/hippo entertainment?  Well, sometimes they toss things at her like food or babies.  Other times they shout out obscenities like: Mavis has a freakin’ wooden leg!  (People… she already knows that; pointing out the obvious doesn’t hurt her feelings. Besides, she works in a circus, she knows she’s a freak…and she’s not the freakiest one anyway.)  One day this guy asked her if she was offended by Nudists or Exhibitionists (since they may be a threat to the panty industry because they don’t wear ’em).  He thought she would get offended.  She could care less about people that don’t wear panties!  If she met a Nudist, she might try to sell them some lacy panties though….THE END


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