Reclusive Panty Dealer

30 Apr

It’s time. Mavis has been sittin’ on her panty-swaddled ass all summer long, reading fictitious-delicious somewhat escapist novels, while all along feeling very reclusive. She has gone out occasionally to peruse the squirmy night life of the circus town she lives in, however, most of the folks are strange and wear funny hats. She has made very few friends, and most of the time her heart waxes lonely. The other night our heroin turned to her pet hippo and spouted, “Gertie, it’s time we met more people.” The panty-clad pachyderm just nodded her enormous head and nodded back into lucid sleep. It will be hard for our mistress to make friends once the circus resumes, however, she will try hard to do so. Mavis has already made one new friend. He’s the previously mentioned milk lover. She and he have quite a bit in common. Both enjoy the movies, music and have a similar inclination toward sharp dressing. Most of all, Mavis finds this guy charming and especially loves it when he calls her darling and sweetheart. Let’s just say he’s quite debonaire and a gentleman at that and our miss Mave is quite sweet on him. This one is original. Guess we’ll wait and see. Until next time, -Mave’s personal assistant


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